Anorak News | Natasha Kaplinksy Is Quentin Letts’ On-Air Air Hostess

Natasha Kaplinksy Is Quentin Letts’ On-Air Air Hostess

by | 19th, February 2008

confessions-of-a-tv-watcher.jpgNATASHA Kaplinksy is on the sofa. Natasha Kaplinsky is being watched by the Mail’s adolescent Harry Potter, Quentin Letts.

The headline to his review: “Her blouse was unbuttoned well south of Watford. But news? Oh, dear, Natasha..”

It’s up to Bedfordshire for Little Letts as he dreams of Kaplinsky and her open-necked blouse and denim jeans.

There was a time when men fantasised over nurses. Then came women in combat uniform, air hostesses and supermodels. With each new episode of female emancipation a new male lust.

There was a period when women newsreaders were the stuff of daydreams, but then it passed. Now Kaplinsky is sat on a sofa and men are watching, or at least the Mail’s everyman is.

What the next object of male urges will be is hard to say. But it won’t be Ms Kaplinsky. It’s more likely to be female footballers, female celebrity chefs or World’s Strongest Women…

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