Anorak | Liz Hurley ‘Slave Wage’ Gag

Liz Hurley ‘Slave Wage’ Gag

by | 20th, February 2008


The Mirror’s front-page headline reintroduces readers to Liz Hurley. No, dear readers, not a chance to look at the maverick talent of Miss Hurley’s breasts, nor her backside, nor her legs, hair or teeth. This is the story of Liz’s “slave wage maid”.

But we cannot hear from Violet D’Souza, because she has been “gagged”.

Anorak is appalled by the mental image of Miss D’Souza sat on a rickety chair, her mouth held in a rictus grin by a ball and chain, or one of Hurley’s end-of-line bikini tops. She stares, tormented by the sight of Miss Hurley feasting on a half dozen raisins arranged on a silver platter.

But the fanciful image is all, because the truth may never out. On the eve of her lament, to be heard at an industrial tribunal, the case has been dropped. Violet, we learn, worked at Hurley’s London home. Violet was, allegedly, paid 8,000 rupees a week, or £100. Given her claimed hours, and the exchange rate, this works out at between £1.40 and £1.60 an hour.

And then after four years servitude, Violet was sacked. She contacted the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and filed a claim for failure to supply a written statement of terms and conditions, race discrimination and unfair dismissal.

How Violet has been “gagged” is not made clear. The Mirror seems more concerned with letting us know that Hurley is worth £13million and her maid paid £1.20 an hour. One may suppose this were unfair, given the number of fans of Hurley’s work with dresses and tanning gels who would, we imagine, work for Hurley for free…

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