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Once Around The Block With Amy Winehouse And Mitch Housego

by | 21st, February 2008

amy-and-mitch-winehouse.jpgTHE appearance of Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch in Closer – the “UK’s No.1 CELEB & REAL LIFE MAG” – throws up a thorny issue of if he is a CELEB or a REAL LIFER?

Or can you achieve the impossible dream and be both a CELEB and REAL? Few dare to try.

Mitch blurs the distinction by telling us that he is “cautiously optimistic” for his daughter’s chances of recovery in rehab.

Mitch is happy that Kelly Osbourne, daughter to Sharon, with whom Mitch talks a lot, is around to help.

As Mitch says of professional Osbourne Kelly: “She and her brother Jack have both had issues with drugs, so they’re wonderful support.” If you can’t rely on a reformed drug taker, who can you rely on?

Mitch then says Sadie Frost has offered to help Amy. And he has received a call from Roger Daltry, the popstar-turned-fish farmer.

Do the name checks burnish Mitch’s reputation as the country’s most famous cabbie since Fred Housego took the Mastermind title in 1980?
Or is Mitch a real person, asking us “Do you know who I had in the back of my cab?” and offering up “Amy Winehouse, the popular chanteuse”..?

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