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A-Levels In Magnum Pi And Research

by | 22nd, February 2008

magnum_pi_tom_selleck.jpgNEWS that the Easiest A-levels are to be made “harder” is welcome at the Anorak College of Studies In Education Studies.

Academia should be strenuous, or if not strenuous given the appearance of being strenuous.

As such, and as the Mail notes, A-levels in such matters as geography, sociology and media studies are to be made more challenging.

Researchers at Durham University have worked out that the average A-level in film studies is three grades easier than an A-level in further maths.

How easy a further maths scholar finds naming all of the seven dwarves needs to be balanced against a film student’s knowledge of the featured sums in Good Will Hunting and if the upcoming film of Magnum PI can straddle both disciplines?

You have one hour…

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