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Get Your Few Remaining Teeth Into Dentistry

by | 26th, February 2008

dentist_drill1.pngTHE Express says more than half the British population have teeth missing. The Daily Express says on its front page that “11 MILLION CAN’T AFFORD DENTIST.”

Anorak wonders if this is less to do with us eating too many sweets and this being a nation of innovators – the Star features former chicken slaughterer David Allardice holding the pliers he used to extract his bothersome teeth – than supply and demand and bad image?

More dentists would mean the price to consultations and treatments coming down as the business becomes more competitive. It follows that more Britons would visit them.

Unless, of course, there is something about dentists that puts us off seeking them out?
Dentistry has much to recommend it. It is, along with being a High Court judge, a rugby union referee and Coleen McLoughlin, one of the few professions in which you can talk without fear of being interrupted.

As for image, we urge one of leading soap operas to put aside this fascination with doctors and introduce a dentist, preferably one both cheep and cheerful.

Meanwhile, Express readers can wonder what has happened to so many “missing” teeth and is this is part of a huge Government cover up. We should be told…

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