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A Free Daily Express For Every Immigrant

by | 27th, February 2008

daily-express.jpgANOTHER day and with it another chance for the Daily Express to deter immigrants and Rogarians from settling in the UK.

“SHOPPING BILL UP £18 A WEEK,” announces the front-page headline. “Food crisis is new blow for families.”

This on top of the soaring gas and electricity prices. “To make matters worse, council tax bills will rise by an average 4.5 percent in April,” says the paper.

The clear advice is to remain as you are, Mr Foreigner. The Express says the price of grain from Kazakhstan is “soaring” to a “record high”. Peoples of the East have never had it so good.

But still they come.

“Yet another coachload of migrants setting out from Poland to look for jobs in Britain,” says the Express, words hung below a a shot of a coachload of young men and women holding gigantic sausages with menace. “The scale of the influx of foreigners into Britian is breathtaking,” says the paper.

But we are not a thriving, vibrant and confident nation that values hard workers and their desire. We are a country of soaring food prices, where a loaf of bread costs a week’s wages.

Turn back, says the Express. Haven’t you hear, the UK is over.

From today, a free copy of the Daily Express will appear on every coach seat leaving Poland, Romania and Bulgaria!


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