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Touching Up Ivanka Trump In Madame Tussaud’s

by | 10th, March 2008

ivanka-trump-magazine.jpgDONALD Trump’s daughter is called Ivanka. In a British school she’d have been called something else.

Ivanka is, naturally, a model. As with many Sados (Sons and daughter of stars) the male star’s female progeny inherit a challenging male look and make it appear “edgy”, sexy” and, as it says here in the press release, “individualistic”.

Any daughter of Donald Trump, he of the tsunami hair, may consider her look to be a one off.

But it’s not. As reported, Ivanka sends an assistant to New York Madame Tussaud’s to touch up the nail polish on the wax likeness.

“She sends someone to change the Ivanka wax figure’s nail colour every week or so,” says an insider.

As a daughter to Donald Trump, Ivanka has earned her plinth in Madame Tussaud’s. The rest of the tale sounds a little fanciful.

Surely if any weekly touching up were required the self-aware starlet would equip her aide with a plane to slim the celebrity’s wax effigy down, so making her likeness appear enviably thin.

The head would then be set alight, to accentuate that year-round orangey glow, something facilitated by making her hair from a wire woool-nylon blend…

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