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Beware The Talking Dentist

by | 17th, March 2008

marathon_man.jpg“DENTISTS who can’t speak English ‘put patients in peril,” says the Mail.

Readers may argue that all dentists put all patients in peril, chiefly when they stick a drill in your mouth. Peril is what dentists are best at.

But not all pleased. Says Michael Summer of the Patient Association: “We receive lots of complaints about dentists whose English is extremely poor and who are difficult to understand. This can lead to errors and mistakes.”

It turns out, though, that the dentists who cannot speak England are not British born but foreigners. This is not indictment of our education system and how easy it is to becoming a dentist by learning the language of dentistry parrot fashion.

It is well known fact that dentists need only master three phrases in English:

“Going somewhere nice on holiday?”



The reply is always the same: “Guggluphug.”


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