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Lady Heather Mills: The First Beatle On Trial

by | 19th, March 2008

heather-mills-horns.jpgWHEN Lady Heather Mills hatched from a phoenix egg, many knew she that young Penny Lane, as she was then known, would achieve greatness.

Princess Diana’s unforgivable envy of Lady Heather was hurtful but would not stall the girl many were already calling the First Beatle.

Today Lady Heather appears on the nation’s front pages as a beacon of what you can become if you have talent, drive and an open heart.

“LADY LIAR,” says the Mirror’s front-page headline. “JUDGE SAVAGES FANTACIST HEATHER,” says the Express on its cover. “PONOCCHIO,” says the Sun.

This is the Mail’s front page “DAMNATION OF HER LADYSHIP”. The paper says Heather’s reputation is “shredded”.

It all depends, of course, on what Heather’s reputation once was and is. “Judge accuses her of blatant make believe,” says the Mail.

Sir Hugh Bennett, the judge, is reading from the book of Heather.

He says of her cost of living that she has “flagrantly over-egged the pudding”.

heather1.gifHe sees her spend £3,715,683 in a year. Says Sir Hugh: “She did not moderate her spending after separation. I have no doubt that in the wife’s mindset there was an element that she was going to spend in order to hope to prove that a budget in excess of £$3million per annum was justifiable.”

The Sun says this was exacerbated by Heather claiming to have been wealthy in her own right before she met Sir Paul.

She claimed she was one of the “Top Ten female speakers in Europe”. She could earn “up to £25,000 an hour for public speaking and had own pocketed one million US dollars for 14 days work”.

Problem is: “The lack of proof extended to Mucca’s bizarre claim that she did not have much to show for her high-earning career because she had given 80 to 90 per cent of her cash to charity.”

Of course the truth will only out should Lady Heather put pen to paper and write her memoirs, a follow up to The Colour Purple, the tale many believe to have been based on her formative years…

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