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Woman Released From Jail Arrested

by | 23rd, March 2008

sara-jane-olson.JPGKATHLEEN Soliah, aka Sara Jane Olson, is being returned to prison in California.

As reported, Soliah was paroled on Monday and re-arrested Friday night at Los Angeles International Airport. Why?

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman Oscar Hidalgo said that officials miscalculated Olson’s sentence and gave her a year’s more time off her term than she deserved.She was officially arrested late Saturday morning after authorities examined her sentence, reassessed her time credits and determined that she still had more time to do.

As the Sacramento Bee explains:

Olson was a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, the infamous band of radicals that kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst and later hid out in a midtown Sacramento Victorian on W Street.

She spent most of the past 20 years on the lam, living an unassuming life in Minnesota under an assumed name. She married a doctor and reared three children. The FBI tracked her down in 1999, after she was featured on the television show “America’s Most Wanted.”

Olson pleaded guilty in 2001 of attempting to bomb Los Angeles police cruisers in 1975 as retaliation for an earlier shoot-out that left six SLA members dead. Olson also pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for her role in the death of Myrna Lee Opsahl, a 42-year-old suburban mother of four who was gunned down in the lobby of Crocker National Bank in Carmichael.

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