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A Nazi Business For Max Mosley, Bahrain And The Germans

by | 4th, April 2008

hitler-car.jpgFORMULA One chief Max Mosley faces allegations that he took part in a Nazi sex fantasy.

He is now barred from entering the Kingdom of Bahrain. No problem you’d think. Bahrain is famous for heat and sand, and you get those every third Monday in August in Bridlington.

As the Mail notes, in a letter, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa has asked Mr Mosley not to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Says he: “In light of the allegations, I suspect you may be deliberating on your planned attendance at the Grand Prix here in Bahrain later in the week. I therefore felt it important to convey the position of Bahrain and its people. With great regret I feel that under the current circumstance, it would be inappropriate for you to be in Bahrain at this time.”

It is uncertain if the people of Bahrain are appalled by the Nazis or the spanking. The Sheikh of Bahrain declared war on Germany on September 10, 1939 and Bahraini forces fought under British command in the Middle East. Although capital punishment is legal.

But Mosley is more angered by the Germans. Says he: “Given the history of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War, I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications.

“Unfortunately they did not contact me before putting out their statement to ask whether the content was in fact true.”

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have issued a joint statement, which runs: “The content of the publications is disgraceful. As a company, we strongly distance ourselves from it. This incident concerns-Max Mosley, both personally and as president of the FIA, the global umbrella organisation for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry.”

The Mail duly publishes pictures of the Luftwaffe’s Focke-Wulf FW 190 plane, fitted with a BMW engine, and the Daimler-Benz powered Messschmitt.

It’s all to shaming. And Anorak agrees that the only thing for it is to have all parties taken to a secret place and flogged to within an inch of their lives…

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