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I’d Do Anything: Amy’s A Toe-In And Betting Odds

by | 7th, April 2008

sarah_ferguson-anything.jpgAMY’S audition for Sarah Ferguson: The Engagement Years continues for another week.

The ginger hair, the lurid frilly, fussy hideous dresses and the fetish for open-toed sandals, alleged, are all reminiscent of young Fergie in her pomp.

Free £10 bet

Such a reason surely lies behind the fact that Amy is 250-1 on the Betfair markets to be named as I’ll Do Anything’s Nancy.

If Amy wants to improve her chances, we suggest she goes for the Bianca Jackson look, the EastEnders harridan whose return to the soap brought with it an upsurge in viewing figures.

On the telly, we like our gingers boisterous and feisty. Amy needs to break some cups and start calling Lloyd Webber Andaaaaaayyyy.

Amy stays. For now. But one Nancy, or non-Nancy, has gone. We have waved a fare ye well to Cleo Royer.

The 22-year-old from London faced Keisha Amponsa-Banson on Sunday’s sing-off.

The pair sang I Know Him So Well from the musical Chess. With a contorted face, Keisha looked as though the song was as painful to sing as it was to listen to.

After Keisha (84-1 to win) had given full throat to her love of the world’s premier boardgame, and Cleo had had her turn, Lloyd Webber had to decide which Nancy to evict.

Said he: “This is the most difficult situation I think I’ve had on any of the programmes so far. On what I’ve just heard tonight, I’m going to save Keisha.”

He told Cleo: “[I] thought you were wonderful. I think there’s going to be a real place for you in the West End in many shows to come.”

Sadly, he did not specify where that place would be, and we wonder if Cleo’s life does not now spiral out of control and her place turns out to be just by the stage door bins beneath a pile of boxes and flyers for Oliver!.

Cleo then sang ‘As Long As He Needs Me’. Lloyd Webber did his best to look interested and needy. He only partly succeeded.

But all eyes are on Samantha. To use a well-used phrase, Samantha looks the part. And at 12-1, she’s the favourite to get it.

After her, it’s Sarah (12-1), Jodie (13-1) and Niamh (14-1).

Some money should be placed on Sarah, she of the blonde and youthful looks that talent spotters like.

Sarah, notes the BBC’s website, appeared in the Beautiful and Damned as Scottie, a role in which she took the part of John Barrowman’s daughter. Mr Barrowman is a judge on I’d Do Anything.

Sarah also featured in The Witches of Eastwick in Cameron Mackintosh’s production at Drury Lane 2001. Cameron Mackintosh is the man behind the new Oliver! production.

Sarah is, as we say, worth a look.

As for the Oliver, they all got to sing ‘Pie Jesu’ and look innocent, even if they were about to pick your pockets and break into your house.

The favourite looks like being Gwion (8/11). But, as we say, wait a while – these boys are at a time of their lives when a broken voice and the odds can be changed in an instant…

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