Anorak | Sharon Osbourne Is F*cking With Danni Minogue

Sharon Osbourne Is F*cking With Danni Minogue

by | 13th, January 2009

PIXIE-voiced dog poo enthusiast Sharon Osbourne tells Sun readers that Dannii Minogue wanted to “f***” Simon Cowell.

Sharon goes on to say that Danniiiiiiii’s plastic surgery is “appalling”, and not in a good way.

Sharon is on conversation with Piers Morgan, who like her has shared a reality TV judiciary review board with Cowell.

Reality TV judges speaking to reality TV judges is now what passes for insight, better still if the reality TV judges can discus other reality TV judges and prove that no-one is above their judgement.

The judges should then write autobiographies and judge themselves, preferably against figures like Paula Abdul, Victoria Beckham and Solomon.

And they should include details of whom they have not shagged, and if they would not shag them again even if they begged them to.

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