Anorak | Teachers Use Nominative Determinism To Label A Child

Teachers Use Nominative Determinism To Label A Child

by | 8th, September 2009

tucker-bennyPRESS Release of the day comes from a parenting club that tells us that 49% of teachers make assumptions about a child by their name. Yeah, only 49%. All that hard work endured by mum and dad as they try to name their bundle is not all that important.

Also, 57% of the teachers say the naughtier children, the Jacks and the Chardonnays, tend to be more popular with their peers than the Lionels, Hyacinths and Nevilles.

More than a third of teachers said the naughtiest pupils were often the brightest and the more sensitive; while two–thirds said they often were not.

The parenting club is looking not to alienate its clients. A good spin can be placed on the research.

Brandon is not an over-indulged, annoying, precious, spoilt pain in the arse named by parents obsessed with US telly and burgers; Brandon is a child with special gifts and a brilliant extrovert personality that belies an active mind.

As the poem goes:

My child is gifted
You child is precocious
Their child is special needs

THE NAUGHTIEST NAMES (aka Most Free-Thinking)

The Least Naughty List (aka The Most Compliant Names)
Alexander, Adam, Christopher, Benjamin, Edward, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emma, Hannah and Rebecca.

This research is brought to us by… Faye Mingo.

Yeah, Faye. Oh, nominative determinism…

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