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What Really Hurt Shlock DJ Artie Lang: Shock Video

by | 13th, January 2010

artie-langRADIO shlock Artie Lang has stabbed himself. Howards Stern’s Shlock DJ is not in good shape. Anorak’s Man in LA looks at the ruination of a fool:

THERE’S been no word on the condition or whereabouts of obese, slovenly, alcoholic, heroin- and cocaine-addict comic Artie Lange since he was released from the hospital last week after attempting suicide with nine stabs of a 13-inch Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife.

There have been many words of denial of responsibility by his (apparently former) boss Howard Stern, who hired Lange as a stooge on his private satellite radio show and used his sad antics and drunken, drugged antics as comic fodder (Stern’s most hilarious comment after the suicide try was revealed was his claim that his two choices to replace jokewriter Jackie Martling were Lange and Jimmy Kimmel, as if Lange was chosen for his comedy chops and not ridicule ripeness).

Saddest of all is a YouTube clip (above) Stern has been hyping and what’s left of his fans have been crowing about: a bathetic series of Lange lowpoints set to Johnny Cash’s painful version of Hurt (a song Stern pushed back when he was a radio star). The 50,000 viewings attest to Stern’s invisibility (ten years ago, it would have generated five million), and despite the editor’s (and the Stern crew’s) attempt to tie Lange’s nearly-fatal self-hatred and low self-esteem to a former girlfriend, the images attest to Stern’s humiliation of the fat fool as being a major factor in his decision to try and gut himself dead.


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