Anorak | Iceland And Wikileaks Create The Icelandic Freedom of Expression Award To Abolish Libel Laws

Iceland And Wikileaks Create The Icelandic Freedom of Expression Award To Abolish Libel Laws

by | 14th, February 2010

iceland-libelJOHN Terry’s mistake has helped British media in the battle with restrictive libel laws that when misused stymie the truth. So. To Iceland, then, bastion of failed banks, cod wars and freedom of speech.

John Terry And Vanessa Perroncel: What Really Happened

Iceland’s 51 MPs, in partnership with Wikileaks, the website specialising in leaks and secrets, bring to the world the Icelandic Modern Media Intiative. Investigative journalists are welcome to live in Iceland and work freely (note: the booze is dear, there’s no McDonalds and it’s freezing – no-one said freedoem was easy).

John Terry’s Dirty Play Gets A Red Card: Media Delights

The matter will be brought before the country’s parliament, the Roald Dahl-inspired Althingi, next Tuesday..

Says Róbert Marshall, a member of the ruling Social Democratic Alliance party:

“It is a good project for political change. We have been through a difficult period and this is an initiative that can unite the whole political scene.”

The proposal:

I am proud to advise the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative’s proposal to create a global safe haven for investigative journalism. I believe this proposal is a strong way of encouraging integrity and responsive government around the world, including in Iceland. In my work investigating corruption I have seen how important it is to have have robust mechanisms to get information out to the public. Iceland, with its fresh perspectives and courageous, independent people seems to be the perfect place to initiate such an effort towards global transparency and justice.

Bring. It. On.

The main goal with the proposal is to task the government with finding ways to strengthen freedoms of expression and information in Iceland, as well as providing strong protections for sources and whistleblowers. To this end the legal environment should be explored in such a way that the goals can be defined, and changes to law or new law proposals can be prepared. The legal environments of other countries should be considered, with the purpose of assembling the best laws to make Iceland a leader of freedoms of expression and information. We also feel it is high time to establish the first Icelandic international prize: The Icelandic Freedom of Expression Award

The suggestions in the proposal for a legislative package would transform the possibilities for growth in various areas. Iceland could become an ideal environment for Internet-based international media and publishers to register their services, start-ups, data centers and human rights organizations. It could be a lever for the economy and create new work employment opportunities.

If this proposal became a reality it could improve democracy and transparency in Iceland, as firm grounding would be made for publishing, whilst improving Iceland’s standing in the international community.

How the west was won…

John Terry And Vanessa Perroncel: What Really Happened

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