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Tiger Woods Releases Made-For-TV Film

by | 18th, February 2010

tiger-woods-girlsJOHN Terry, that loyal family man who bleeds for the cause might care to take a look at Tiger Woods, who is all set to emerge from the bunker to appear in press confrnce that will look more like a soft-focus made-for-TV film. From the Forums, AGW writes:

Grab a big bucket if you were close to vomiting watching Chelsea and former England skipper John Terry’s pathetic reinvention attempt to portray a happy marriage and beautiful if stained relationship with, allegedly, duped wife Toni….

Ashley Cole And The Secretary: The Sun Goes For Chelsea Star And Plays Footsie With John Terry

Tiger Woods
is going to show us all how public reconstruction is done with the right kind or mega-sport swing.

John Terry allegedly paid-off alleged former squeeze and mother of his ex-best mate’s son Vanessa Perroncel.

Nothing so crass for the Tiger.

Alicia Douvall (NSFW)

Terry was aided and abetted by News Corporation owners of the scandal-breaking News of The World which ran then spiked the affair story to allow sister paper The Sun to run the John and Toni Terry reaffirm their love fairy-story.

Lauren Pope (NSFW)

Tiger, on the other hand will apologise for his infidelities in a “news conference” tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 19).

This will be Woods first public viewing since November when wife Elin started a full and frank discussion with golf’s super-stud. You may remember Elin’s point of view was being expressed from behind a golf club while Tiger was sitting in the wreck of his still-steaming car which had run into a tree near his home. Neighbours were said to be mightily impressed with Elin’s screaming swing as she attempted to free her errant hubby from the wreck.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

News Agency AP says the Professional Golfers Association Tour’s website has announced Woods will front a news conference at the association’s Florida headquarters on Friday.
So the BIG Guns are lining up.
Tiger is big cash for the sport after all.

The golfer’s agent, Mark Steinberg, says Woods will apologise for his behaviour and discuss his plans for the future.

Holly Sampson In Film

The “news conference” will be held during the Accenture Match Play Golf Championship under way in Arizona. Accenture cancelled its sponsorship of Woods unable to face the embarrassment of the 34-year-old’s sex scandal.

No Questions

Just one little point, the news conference is NOT a conference. Says Mark Steinberg: “It is not an open media event.”

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Instead, Woods would be speaking “with a small group of his friends and colleagues”, while a pool camera operator will film the event.

So not a press conference more like a sanitised group of shots of Tiger in his safe little PGA pen with all his best friends and his little playmates.

No nasty press men asking loaded questions like: ” Has Elin stopped beating on you?” and “Have you stopped shagging every woman who walks by?” or “If sex addiction is catching why haven’t we all got it?”

If the great American golf community fall for that one they deserve to have their shafts bent and not in a Tiger-like way.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Tiger’s own words from his web site:

“I have not been true to my values and the behaviour my family deserves,” he said.

“I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family.

“Those feelings should be shared by us alone”.

Absolutely no change there then?

John Terry should be advised to take notes, these are master PR flim-flam men at work.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

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