Anorak News | Balinese Teen Marries The ‘Flirtatious’ Cow He Raped

Balinese Teen Marries The ‘Flirtatious’ Cow He Raped

by | 12th, June 2010

NGURAH Alit, 18, of Bali, indoensia, is charged with having sexual intercourse with a “flirtatious” cow.

Alit, of Yeh Embang, Jembrana, was caught shagging the cow by Gusti Ngurah Dinar, who describes Alit as “standing naked and holding the cow’s ass”.

Alit was stood on a mud terrace between two rice paddy fields. When confronted, Alit said he thought the cow was a young and beautiful girl. Says he:

“She was calling to me, making flattering comments, then I had sex with her.”

Not so says the court. She was the innocent party. Noooooooo means no. It’s rape. And Alit is scheduled to get two years bird. He will also pay a fine. And he has been made to marry the cow.

The cow needs to be cleansed. It will be drowned at sea in a Pecaruan cleansing ceremony to rid it of “dirty behaviour”.

Yeah she was asking for it.

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