Anorak News | X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd Enters The Crying Zone With Story Of The Malvern Sopranos

X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd Enters The Crying Zone With Story Of The Malvern Sopranos

by | 3rd, October 2010

X FACTOR’S ambulatory Cheryl Cole Brazt Doll Cher Lloyd didn’t do all that well last night. On the singing show, Cher failed to sing. You might suppose this would be barrier to success but nothing of it. This is just another lawyer in Cher’s journey.

In The People, Cher wasn’t to tell you that even without the singing she can be pop star. She wasn’t to tell you about “her crime-ridden family past”.

Says Cher:

“My family isn’t perfect but neither am I and while I don’t condone their outrageous behaviour, I’m finding it very difficult to love them any less. I have made mistakes in the past too but I believe everyone deserves a second chance.”

A second chance? But isn’t this Cher’s first chance at fame? The fast-track route to stardom now means that even those you’ve only heard of for a few weeks behave like seasoned performers with a history we have all grown up with. That Andy Warhol quote about 15 minutes of fame has become hackneyed with overuse but here Cher seems to embody the theory as she tries to pack in as much as possible. We get to know Cher as we might know any other national treasure we’ve all seen for years on the telly

Says Cher:

“My family and I have always been close and even though I now know what some of them did, I can’t cut them out of my life.”

Having sung a song, battled the bullies, been accused of plagiarism and lost her voice in a few weeks, Cher now want to share the pain of her family who might let her down.

And I honestly believe that all of those rough times are behind them now and that X Factor is our new start.

And with that Cher part of showbiz family. She’s Cher Redgrave doing little orphan Annie for Cowell’s Daddy Warbucks. Says Cher of her mum telling her that a few relatives has brushed against the law:

It was a really emotional conversation but after I got over the surprise my next reaction was, Nobody is perfect. We all have a background.

She’s an angel. To forgive is divine, eh, readers. And get a load of those crimes. It’s like The Sopranos have landed in Malvern:

Meanwhile another close relative, then 29, was banned from driving for three years his second ban in three months after he was caught drink-driving. He was more than double the legal limit.

Wow! Who needs talent like, say, Ronnie O’Sullivan, the snooker champion whose father was in jail for murder, when you can tell the world about your criminal family and elevate yourself?

The X Factor has reached the Boot Camp stage and in the Crying Zone, where singing ability gives way to manipulation and who has the best story…

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