Anorak | Joanna Yeates: Sex, Frozen DNA And Rubbish

Joanna Yeates: Sex, Frozen DNA And Rubbish

by | 4th, January 2011

JOANNA Yeates Anorak’s round-up of the murder of the 25-year-old Bristol woman in the news: DNA; sex; a pale 4×4; and Chris Jefferies was right?

The Sun (front page): “MORE THAN ONE KILLER?”

If not one, how many?

The Mail (front page): “JOANNA: ARE TWO KILLERS AT LARGE?”

Do we have any advance on two killers…?

Daily Star (front page): “CLUE TO JO’S KILLER FROZEN IN THE SNOW”

So. It’s back to one killer… Will anyone give us no killers in the Joanna Yeates news auction?

Daily Express (front page): “JOANNA: was there more than one killer?”

The facts keep on coming in our insightful press who continue to focus on the death of young, attractive blonde woman.

Let’s move on to motive. The Sun’s front page declares:

Motive may have been sex

Or, as Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones of Avon and Somerset Police puts it:

“At this stage there is no evidence to suggest that Joanna was sexually assaulted.”

The tabloids groan with disappointment. What, no sex? Are you certain?

“However, I have not ruled out that there might have been a sexual motive.”

That’ll do for the Sun.

So, what about the news that there may have been more than one killer? A journalist asks DCI Jones if more than one person could have killed Joanna Yeates. He replies:

“I think that phrase emphasises the fact that I am not making any assumptions in this case. I am keeping an open mind.”

Unlike the Sun, which has gone for “lewd”, “oddball” Chris Jefferies with gusto. Now that Mr Jefferies has been released on police bail, the Sun tells us:

Before his arrest Mr Jefferies allegedly said he may have seen Jo with two strangers near the entrance to her flat in Clifton, Bristol, on the night she vanished. Neighbours said he told them he spotted three people at around 9pm, 15 minutes after Jo is believed to have arrived home from Christmas drinks with workmates.

And with that the monstered Mr Jefferies becomes a credible witness. That is more than can be said of the Daily Star, which adds to its front-page headline about a clue having been found in the snow, tells us.

POLICE have uncovered “perfectly preserved” DNA that could catch Joanna Yeates’s killer.

This is big news. The DNA will nail the killer.

The December freeze meant she was covered in snow and ice, preserving the DNA.

Thank god for global warming. Go on:

One forensics expert said last night: “If they have found a perfect sample, and it’s in one piece because of the weather, then that could give the team the break they need.”

If? So, the police have not found “perfectly preserved” DNA. They just might have.

It’s all rubbish:

Mr Jones added: “What I can tell you is that we still haven’t found the pizza, but we have searched all bins in the area and we are working through 293 tonnes of domestic rubbish seized in the vicinity. This is a demonstration of the level of detail we are pursuing on this enquiry.”

In addition, police are looking for a car:

Detectives are appealing for help in tracing a 4×4 vehicle seen near the spot where her snow-covered body was discovered on Christmas Day.

The case goes on:


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