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Man Born A Woman Gives Birth To Boy Now A Girl

by | 6th, January 2011

DOMINIK Sejda (born a woman called Ilona Tomeckova and now a man) married Andre (born a man called Tomas Kajzar and now a woman) 15 years ago in what is now the Czech Republic.

Dominik already had a son called Radim. He is now a woman called Viktoria.

Says Andrea (a former body-builder) of Dominik:

“She had a man’s genitals when we met, but she had a neutral name and looked rather like a woman. Dominik has such personal charm that I told myself after about four months: yes, this is the guy I want to spend my life with.”

Says Radim:

“I found a sexologist in May, she sent me to different checks, including genetics. My diagnosis was always ‘transsexual’.”

Says Dominik of her daughter:

“We saw each other in May when we celebrated our birthdays together. The guys there made quite a few passes at her, so she looks good.”

And so it goes…

Spotter: AFP

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