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Relatives Continue To Claim Dead Granny’s Pension

by | 9th, January 2011

WHEN Olive Maddock, 95, died of natural causes at the home she shared with her daughter, Hazel Maddock, 61, and granddaughter, Jasmine Maddock, 35, the young relatives say they did not notice.

So Hazel Maddock went about her usual routine – which included realising her mum’s state pension.

Someone got a whiff of something and when police attended the home in Wallasey, Merseyside, in august 2010, they found Olive Maddock’s remains.

So. To the magistrates court in Birkenhead. The women are charged with preventing the decent and lawful burial of Mrs Maddock. Hazel Maddock is also charged with one count of fraud in relation to cashing the dead woman’s state pension.

Neither of the accused entered a plea. Both women will appear at Liverpool Crown Court on January 20.

What else do we know?

Well, Wallet Pop news tells us:

Olive Hazel Maddock has been seen in TV soap operas including Hollyoaks and Brookside, working as an extra.


The dead woman was described as eccentric but well-liked old lady. Neighbours said she would often be seen around the streets giving local children sweets.

Wirrall News adds:

Neighbour Julie Palmer told the ECHO: “Her husband was a professor of naval engineering. “He died about ten years ago and the house began to go downhill from then. They had always been eccentric but then they went weird. Hazel would always talk to people. She was chatty.”

The Mail tells us:

Last night a close friend of Jasmine’s told the Daily Mail that she would be denying any wrongdoing.

‘Olive Maddock was an eccentric who confined herself to her room and didn’t speak to anyone for weeks on end,’ the friend said.

‘She refused to wash in years and the house had no working toilet. Jasmine was beaten and forced to clean up the mess by her grandmother – she was a slave to her.

‘The house smelt so bad that Jasmine and her mother didn’t notice it get any worse when Olive died. They used to pass food into her room. Although there came a point when they wondered what was going on, it was a complete shock to Jasmine when the police broke in and found her grandmother’s body.’ Jasmine when the police broke in and found her grandmother’s body.’

Such is the news in the court of public opinion…

(If your relative dies a year before they can claim a state pension, should their survivors get a pay out?)

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