Anorak | BBC Sells Junior EastEnders Range Of Pro-Depressive Pills

BBC Sells Junior EastEnders Range Of Pro-Depressive Pills

by | 9th, January 2011

EVERYONE is talking about EastEnders. The Association of Social Workers And Life has criticised the BBC for selling a range of Junior ‘Enders clothing and tools. This is in response to the case of Keith Davidson, a 12-year-old schoolboy who formed his own ‘Junior Slaters’.

Since late 2009, he and his troupe have been screeching in the street, painting themselves orange, and having a baby every three months.

Last week, Davidson lived in his dad’s garage for seven hours without access to a mobile telephone, during which time he confessed to robbing two banks, holding up the postman at gun point and gassed his sisters’ dolls in a cut-and-shunt car.

Police we were called and young Davidson was taken away, returning to his family some years later with better hair, a drugs history, two ex-wives (one dead) and the other a former member of STEPs, and a pub in his bedroom…

Reports that the BBC is to send viewers pro-depressive pills to foster “better interactive viewing” are thought to be “ahead of their time”…

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