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William Alan Givan And The Tennessee Meth Monkeys

by | 10th, January 2011

SO how did William Alan “Monkey Man” Givan get his nickname? Well, here’s the story of one man who in his hourof greatest need was protested by his animal pals:

We join the The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics’ Unit, Tennessee, outside the home of William Alan “Monkey Man” Givan, 40.

Mr Givan is outside. Officers smell meth on the wind and on Givan. He signs a consent form for his home to be searched. He utters:

“When you go up there I’m going away for a long time.”

Officer Gillenwater narrates:

“Officers located mason jars with coffee filters in the tops which were straining the actual finished methamphetamine from the chemical liquid. Another coffee filter with a considerable amount of methamphetamine was found stuck in behind a fluorescent lightbulb, which is a way of drying finished methamphetamine.”

There are also four monkeys.

Gillenwater noted, however, that the monkeys were aggressive toward officers and actually ripped a TWRA officer’s jacket.

It’s heart-warming stuff.

Mr Givan has been charged with all manner of drugs stuff. And they monkey guards are now with his wife.

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