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Lancashire Telegraph Sees Mosques, Mosques And More Mosques

by | 12th, January 2011

MOSQUES! Mosques Everywhere, mosques! Here they go again!

Yesterday the Lancashire Telegraph ran a non-story about a former care home becoming a mosque and having a dome stuck on the top.

I’ve just looked and it’s now no. 5 in the most comments list with 86 and I don’t need to look to know that most of those comments won’t be too supportive.

Today we have:

No permission for dome on Blackburn mosque

Did they know this yesterday and decide to draw the story out a bit for maximum impact?

So far only 6 comments but it was only published at 10:00 so plenty of time yet. Unless, of course, some readers become distracted by the 11:00 story, which already has 5 comments:

Work set to start to tranform Nelson hotel into mosque

Does it really matter? The mosques are funded by the Muslim community for their community, which means they are situated in predominantly Muslim areas so what harm is it doing to anyone? – Karen

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