Anorak | Tunisia Becomes A Rourke’s Drift For Britons And Swedish Boar Hunters: Gays Go Free

Tunisia Becomes A Rourke’s Drift For Britons And Swedish Boar Hunters: Gays Go Free

by | 17th, January 2011

TUNISIA is having a Rourke’s Drift moment as the Mail yells:

“1,500 Britons facing machete mob”

And not just machetes:

“Those who managed to take coaches to the airport ran the gauntlet of screaming thugs banging on the doors with nail-studded clubs”

It’s scary stuff. But no Briton has been harmed in the troubles. The Mirror says:

It is thought expats and independent travellers are the only Brits left.

And Tunisia was billed as pretty dangerous before the trouble began. This on the FCO website:

There is a general threat from terrorism in Tunisia. Attacks cannot be ruled out and could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by British expatriates and foreign travellers.

Oh, and in post-Revolution Tunisia: “Homosexuality is illegal.” As it was in those safe days before the revolution.

Still, it’s still got the winter sun…

As one British tourist put it:

Jo Coxon, 59, from Trowell, Nottingham, was staying in Port el Kantoaui and said: “There’s troops on the streets and tanks but it’s absolutely fine.

“I didn’t want to come back.”

But, then, she wasn’t armed:

Twelve Swedish boar hunters were dragged out of their taxis in Tunis on Sunday and beaten by local residents who said they were “foreign terrorists” amid gun battles in the city, the hunters said.

“We arrived about 10 days ago in Tunisia to hunt boars. We boarded three taxis today to go to the airport and while we were on our way we were stopped at a checkpoint,” Ove Oberg told reporters in a hotel in central Tunis.

Five other hunters were with Oberg at the Africa hotel.

“They searched the vehicles. They found our rifles and everything degenerated. They dragged us out of the cars, treated us like foreign terrorists. We were kicked and beaten,” he said.

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