Anorak | 84-Year-Old Doris Thiele Tackles A Burglar

84-Year-Old Doris Thiele Tackles A Burglar

by | 19th, January 2011

DORIS Thiele is 84. She fought off Leon Ingram, who had broken into her New Forest home in New Milton, Hampshire. Mrs Thiele repeatedly struck him with her late father’s walking stick which she keeps on the banister. The Mail calls her “frail”.

The story is that she and her daughter, 59, encountered and trapped Ingram. He’s aged 34 and a heroin user. Daughter Helen got Ingram in a headlock. “Frail” Doris smacked him about the head with a stick, having rejected a slipper as too soft and a vase as too hard. Ingram, who begged to leave, escaped by head-butting his way though the glass in the conservatory.

Mrs Thiele and her daughter have been given a police bravery awards. Ingram’s been nicked.

Anorak recalls a personal story. When one of our writers walked onto his landing in his north-west London home, he saw a stranger. With no word uttered, the male intruder jumped from the landing, falling hard on the ground. He then limped off, before climbing the back fence to the garden and getting ripped to shreds on the barbed wire. The homeowner never moved.

The police never caught him…

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