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Councillor Praises Paedophile Scout Leader

by | 1st, February 2011

TO Bishopsteignton, Devon, where Councillor Jim Grimble (left) says convicted paedophile James Whittaker (right) is a “pillar of society”. Which society? No, not the last days of Sodom, rather today’s modern go-ahead world.

Councillor Jim Grimble, 61, has praised Mr Whittacker’s “considerable contribution to village life”.

Whittaker, 71, is the rotarian and Scout leader sent down for eight years earlier this month for sexually assaulting four children between the 1970s and 2008.

But Cllr Grimble comments on the “respected” paedophile:

“I know what he did was wrong, but this case has taken the community by surprise. He helped the village any way he could, and even gave up a piece of land for a footpath along the main road. I have yet to hear anybody say a bad word against him.”

Stood in hole holding spade, he adds:

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If only we knew then what we know now. These activities cannot be condoned, nor would anybody try to defend them. Even so, the good will still be remembered alongside the bad.”

Yeah, not a bad bloke, when you weight up the pros and cons. Sure, he fiddled with children but he was great asset to the Scout movement…

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