Anorak | Lakeland Axeman In Court For Scaring Mobile Card Sharps With Bloody Wife

Lakeland Axeman In Court For Scaring Mobile Card Sharps With Bloody Wife

by | 3rd, February 2011

JOHN Powell and his fiancee Lucy Walton are in South Lakeland Magistrates’ Court for partaking in a fake axe attack.

Powell, 28, of Hagg End Farm, Crook, and Walton wanted to scare the three men who they say regularly parked near their farmland in a lay-by at Cleabarrows Lane and sat in the car.

We join the action as Miss Walton comes shrieking down the lane. She is doused in red tomato ketchup. Behind her is Mr Powell. He is holding a big axe. She bangs on the men’s car. She screams: “Let me in, let me in.”

Simon Jackson, 19, is in the car.  He tells the court:

We were parked in the lay-by playing cards when we saw a woman come from down the lane. She got to the car and was asking us to help her saying: ‘Let me in, let me in’. She was banging on the window in terror. Then he came with an axe and was tapping on the window. We were scared because we thought he was going to smash through it.”

He started the engine and when far enough away called the police.  They responded and encountered the couple in their car by Windermere Golf Club.

Miss Walton was cautioned. Mr Powell was arrested. Says she:

“I waved to them and I was laughing, I don’t understand how they didn’t realise it was a joke.”

Mr Powell has already pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing an axe in a public place and using behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Says he:

“My fiancee’s family have been blighted by people parking up in that lay-by for the past 20 years. We spend hours every week clearing up litter and there’s been tyre marks all over our fields. We’ve phoned police countless times to get them to help us but we’ve had no support.”

He adds, using words that should help this story to fly into the national press:

“I can’t believe something this stupid has come to court.”

Mr Powell faces custodial sentence.

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