Anorak | Egypt: What No Anti-Israel Protests?

Egypt: What No Anti-Israel Protests?

by | 4th, February 2011

IN Egypt we have seen a few flashes on anti-Israel rhetoric, but the protests have had nothing to do with Israel:

“OK, for years, people who claim to be my intellectual betters on foreign policy (and pretty much everything else), and particularly about the Middle East, have been telling me that the root cause of the problems in the Middle East is the “occupation” of disputed territories in the West Bank and Gaza, and that we won’t be able to make any progress without solving that issue. It is what motivates Arab anger, and animates their protests. Well, surely if this is the case, with all of the apparent anger and ongoing revolt in Cairo, we should be seeing many reports on the ground of protesters with angry signs against the Zionist entity, right? Or have I just missed them somehow?” – Rand Simberg.


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EDITORS PLEASE NOTE CONTENT. A man lies injured as anti-government protesters clash violently with supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square in Cairo today as Egypt's political upheaval took a dangerous new turn.

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