Anorak News | Peter Andre’s Sole Custody Of The Kidzz: Katie Price Warms

Peter Andre’s Sole Custody Of The Kidzz: Katie Price Warms

by | 14th, February 2011

WILL sentimental pop acorn Peter Andre win sole custody of his children? The rumours are that he’s filed a Family Court application to get the kidzz: Junior Pete and Princess TenaLadyMe, the new Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

Anorak’s eyebrow has been raised more times than Hugh Hefner’s housecoat ever since Pete and Katie met in the jungle. How ironic that the man who sang Mysterious Girl should marry a woman with all the mystery of small dog sat by a pile of poo.

Nothing is a mystery. It’s not even a half decent rhetorical question. Here’s Katie on that burn on TenaLadiiii’s back:

“At that time she was with my mother and my sister and had (unbeknown to my sister) followed my sister to retrieve pyjama’s (sic) left to warm.”

Anyone mystified? How were the pyjamas left to warm? Beneath a dog? An Alsatian? Folded between mum’s Jordans? Set on fire?

“…Princess is fine, there will be no lasting damage and she was and is in no discomfort. The advice we received was to let the burn breath (sic) rather than dressing it.”

Prada? Gucci? What are the cool burns wearing these days? Katie’s news range of wearable car seat covers (see below)? We need to know.


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Katie Price aka Jordan models her new range of clothes, called Day 22, at the Pure Spirit show at Earls Court in west London, this afternoon.

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