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The Independent’s i Newspaper Just Loves Celebrities

by | 15th, February 2011

HOW’S the i newspaper getting along? i is the tabloid Independent. But it is not a tabloid. Hell no. The TV advert loftily boasts that the paper features no news of celebrities.

In today’s paper:

Page 1 (cover): “Steve Coogan: ‘Why I believe my phone was hacked’”

Page 1: “The twitter 100 – Who’s hot? Who’s not? And who’s following?”
The feature is illustrated by photos of, among others, Lilly Allen, and Russell Brand. Inside and you can read about “THE TOP SHOWBUSINESS TWEETERS”

Pages 2 and 3: A profile of Pippa Middleton, sister to Kate Middleton

Page 15: “Fearne shows off her new pads…who wore a paid of shoulder pads that wouldn’t look out of place in American football.”

“… Helena Bonham Carter celebrated by grabbing Emma Watson around the neck. HBC, a as she might be known to her friends, was then swept up by husband Tim Burton and into the back of a car home.”

Page 23: Susie Rushton: “Actors should stick to their day jobs.”

Says she in a piece illustrated by our pal HBC:

“Save us please from statuette season…”

This hatred of showbiz AGMs and how meaningless they are goes on for a few hundred words.

Pages 26 and 27: “Gaga goes to work on an egg”. We see Lady Gaga dressed as a sperm-shaped pasta tube and photos from the Grammys.

So. No celebrities in the i, then. Just lots of reasons to use them to illustrate topical news stories…

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