Anorak | Tamara Ecclestone Ensures She Survives The Coming Slaughter

Tamara Ecclestone Ensures She Survives The Coming Slaughter

by | 10th, March 2011

TAMARA Ecclestone is talking about her life and money in OK!, as she did for Hello! way back in February. Back then she showed off her 17 Hermes Bikrin bags. She told us:

“For me, ‘spoilt’ means ruined, and I don’t feel ruined.”

Now Bernie’s daughter tells us:

“I’ve got about 50 pairs of Louboutins.”

She also tells us that she likes bargain hunting – “I’ve been to sample sale before.”

Tamara appears to be caught on the horns of a dilemma, seemingly torn between wanting to show off and present herself as self-aware. It’s as if she’s preparing for the coming slaughter of the rich. As the downtrodden masses approach they will spare Tamara on account of her love of sales. You see in the mind’s eye stood at the window of her £45 million London home stuffing cakes into her designer bags and chucking them to the masses.

Here’s what she told us in 2009:

Back then, Dad was also obsessed with instilling in us an appreciation of money. He hates spoilt kids. He’d show us a £5 note and tell us that people work for less than that an hour. And while he would take me out shopping, I realised the importance he placed on getting value for money. One time I saw this amazing bomber jacket on the King’s Road. Dad looked at the price and said he’d go up to the shop owner and get it for less. I was mortified. I thought: “This is so embarrassing. He’s going to think Dad’s mad.” Of course, Dad didn’t care what the man thought, and in the end got what he wanted.

And Tamara got what she wanted. That jacket must be in her cupboards somewhere…


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