Anorak | Wii Spanking Swingers Game Pulled: Video

Wii Spanking Swingers Game Pulled: Video

by | 12th, March 2011

WE DARE is the Wii game for swingers. It’s been pulled (fnar).

Reader Percy writes:

Who dares wins – except if you happen to be British…

“We Dare”…the saucy video game that helps bring friends & neighbours together in a naughty but nice way ..has been pulled in U.K. for being a bit too risque..

And there was me thinking the game could have helped this country unite & build David Camerons dinner-party dream of a Big Society – for as old swingers already know, those who play together, stay together…

PS. The makers of the game are appropriately named… UbiSoft…

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