Anorak | New Yorker Used Onions To Torture Drugs Dealers

New Yorker Used Onions To Torture Drugs Dealers

by | 13th, March 2011

TO New York’s Queens borough, where Erick Mejia is accused of stuffing drug dealers’ heads into bags of onions.

It is alleged that in February 2008 Mjias and others of his crew looking to rob drugs dealers were in Raleigh, North Carolina. Brooklyn Federal Court. hears that Mejia posed a police to stop of a drug supplier. With their ‘police car’ and badges, the got a man to pull over. They then kidnapped him. They tied up the man, his wife and his child. Then came the onions.

NYPD Detective Therone Eugene, of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Redrum Task Force, explains:

“The crew placed a bag of onions over the head of one of the male victims to induce him to reveal the location of narcotics. The bag filled with cut-up onions caused the victim to experience a form of asphyxiation.”

They made off with a stack of cash. And they did it again, this time using onion-torture in Georgia to secure 77 pounds of cocaine and $100,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to talk to Sarkozy about all manner of cheeses and Guantanamo Bay…

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