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Midsomer Murders: Where White Actors Go To Die

by | 16th, March 2011

MIDSOMER Murders has no black or Asian characters. Brian True-May (not black) has been removed from his post as the show’s producer for saying he keeps ethnic minority characters out of the show’s storylines.

He said he did not use black and Asian people in the series because “it wouldn’t be the English village with them”.

Well, not a proper one.

In other news, has anyone ever seen anyone act on the telly again after they’ve featured in Midsomer Murders? John Nettles is leaving his role as Inspector Barnaby, a fictional copper for whom breathing is a stage direction. Nettles is doomed to front life assurance inofmercial on satellite telly.

Fear not for those dark faces not on the show – worry about those ruddy ones that are…

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