Anorak | Hunting Sly Stallone’s Corduroy Bodysuit With Lisa Vanderpump And Charlie Sheen’s Wreckage

Hunting Sly Stallone’s Corduroy Bodysuit With Lisa Vanderpump And Charlie Sheen’s Wreckage

by | 15th, April 2011

ANORAK’S Woman of The Week is Lisa Vanderpump, who turns out not be a drag act at Rubyz, but a “LA success story” profiled in Hello!.

We meet Vanderpump at her Beverly Hills home, “perched atop one of the highest vantage points in the famous 90210 postcode”. We learn that neighbours are Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart. Vanderpump’s home could serve as game park lodge for big game hunters looking to see Stewart in his budgie smugglers or Sly pulling on his flesh-coloured corduroy bodysuit.

But we are her to look at Lisa and her things.

Lisa ‘Pinky’ Vanderpump, is the British born (raise a glass, readers) face on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, a TV show.

Says she:

“People say it isn’t real. But I’ve tried reality and I say: give me this any day.”

That suggests the “people” are right.

Vanderpump than cosies up to her “teacup pomeranian Giggy” and tells us that for all the “beauty of London and all the wonderful pageantry”, she found LA more suited to her needs.

She also reveals that Britney Spears dines at her restaurant and “always orders fried chicken with a fruit cobbler for dessert”.

Hello! then asks:

“Last year, both you and Charlie Sheen, who lives nearby, had your cars stolen on the same night and driven off a cliff.”


“Do you actually know him?”

Anorak has thought Hello! was curious as to how the cars came to be driven off a cliff, and who did the driving. Did they die? But Hello! is just using the crime as a link to Sheen, skilfully emplying a car crash to introduce the imploding, self-declared winner .

It turns out that Vanderpump does not know Sheen. But she might well know some people who do…

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