Anorak News | Manchester City Win FA Cup In Photos: Plastic Fans Dance For Silver

Manchester City Win FA Cup In Photos: Plastic Fans Dance For Silver

by | 14th, May 2011

MANCHESTER City have now won something since the horse and cart was the racy way to get about and the King of Siam needed English lessons. The FA Cup holders are winners of silver and in next season’s Champions’ League. And the club is ready for a huge influx of news fans. The club’s website has published a ”bluffer’s guide’ to City. New fans in Surrey can know that:

“Success means we’ll be welcoming a new generation of City fans from here in England and all over the globe, too, and when our new followers come on board, they’ll be welcomed with open arms into our ‘family’.”

City’s plastic army is on the move. New fans should know that:

“Loyalty, commitment, passion and, during the darker times, a sense of humour has been needed over the years to follow the Blues – that’s what we affectionately call City…”

You B…loos!

“If asked where we play our football, it’s the City of Manchester Stadium – also nicknamed Eastlands due to the area of Manchester it is in. It’s worth noting that from 1923 to 2003 we played our home games at Maine Road.”

They played on the Main road. Dangerous time, indeed.

Of course , it’s all a spoof. Right? Here’s City’s web maestro Richard Ayers in the Guardian:

“We’ve been getting more people coming to our website, showing an interest in the club’s community and atmosphere, as well as [the] players and the performance on pitch, and these are the people we were trying to help … people from overseas who weren’t brought up on football or who don’t know the full story.”

Buy the Manchester shirt. And if you’re stuck wondering if you should buy a United or City replica kit, the choice matters less than it ever did…


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Manchester City fans celebrate winning the FA Cup

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