Anorak | GMP’s chief constable Peter Fahy Says Police Need To Be More Like Argos: Not Fit For Purpose

GMP’s chief constable Peter Fahy Says Police Need To Be More Like Argos: Not Fit For Purpose

by | 30th, August 2011

THE police in a crisis. What is their purpose – to support the customer (and yes, the Greater Manchester Police does send missives to victims of crime from it ‘customer services desk’) or smash heads?

Peter Fahy, GMP’s chief constable says his force needs to be “a bit more clever”.

More clever? Even more clever?

When you order your table from Argos you expect them to get back to you and tell you what time they will call round. There’s no reason why GMP should be any different. Local front offices are very important to local people and the priority was always to keep a number open, which we will be doing. But a number simply aren’t used and aren’t cost-effective. It is important to reiterate that the police stations themselves will remain open and we will still be dealing with local issues. This could be through PCSO surgeries at local libraries or housing offices or, in certain cases, by having officers come out to visit you after you’ve made a call.”

Ordering a table from a catalogue shop is now on a par with talking to the police about.. Well, what exactly does Mr Fahy think people talk to the police about. The time? How since the library shut it’s hard to find a place to sit until the rain passes that does not require a financial transaction? How the police should bring a range of leisurewear and furniture to the market and encourage people to dress as coppers and turn their home into a fun police station?

Or how about how if the police fail – and the thing is not fit for purpose – you can get your money in Argos?

Spotter: Karen


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