Anorak News | Media Week with Kerrang! radio’s Alex Baker is beyond parody

Media Week with Kerrang! radio’s Alex Baker is beyond parody

by | 10th, January 2012

MEDIA Week catches up with Alex Baker, presenter and commercial programming manager at Kerrang! and Q Radio. He is not a work of parody nor of Bret Easton Ellis.

Highlights are:


You know that horrible ‘HONNNK’ tone that the iPhone alarm makes? Apparently it’s not that alarming as I’m sleeping through it like a baby. I hate to sound smug (and I realise that I do), but I love working in radio, so springing out of bed in the morning, once awake, is never a problem.

I get into the office at 8am – not bad considering the New Year’s drinking shenanigans. Ever since I started working in the commercial radio sector, I’ve had an internal pact that I only drink the products on New Year’s Eve that we, at Kerrang! Radio and Q Radio, have advertised that year. So Saturday night consisted of the potent mix of Jack Daniel’s and cola/ginger in a can, Marston’s Hobgoblin, and Budweiser, thanks to everyone at InBev – who will be pleased to know that I allocated a designated driver and drank their product responsibly.

Next up, some script writing for a really exciting Virgin Active campaign, a campaign that will, for the first time ever, make weight loss my job.


In work at 7.30am, write up my daily “to do” list in my oddly-treasured day-to-a-page diary. I go through the booking for ‘The Darkest Hour’ promotion. It’s going to be an absolutely huge, production-intensive campaign, so I spend a good deal of time writing the presenter briefs, briefing drive-time presenter Kate Lawler and her producer Neil Fearn.

Next I catch up with Craig Jennings, founder of Raw Power Management, and his wonderful team about an exciting idea I have. He gets as excited as me and before the day is out, loads of things are already booked.
iPhone beeps and my new personal trainer from Virgin Active is already on my case. I tell him about my sore knees and oversized belly – he tells me not to worry. For the next six weeks, I will be sculpted into shape for the campaign.
On-air features will track my progress and I will embrace the relaxed Ofcom Broadcast Code by endorsing Virgin Active…

I get home after 7pm and take a call from Lower Than Atlantis – one of the bands I look after for Monster Energy Drink. I’ve worked for Monster for three years part-time. Like Bauer, it’s a brilliant, inspiring company that pushes the boundaries…

I try to play some FIFA, but the Xbox 360 flashes red and dies. Just as well – I suck at FIFA.


… I’m loyal to the end to our clients, in this case Virgin Active and the new healthy me.

Heads for meeting in London:

Many high-fives, hugs, serious meetings and plans later I’m back on the Virgin Pendolino speeding back up to Brum. Incidentally, I follow @virgintrains on twitter and we tweet each other regularly. That’s not cool, is it?


The downward slope of the week always frightens me, not because of workload or deadlines, but because it always comes around so fast. I plunge into the day with a miniscule bowl of Diet Chef Cereal, a Berocca and reply to a string of emails.
An email springs up – a very large client is interested in sponsoring one of our premium day-parts so I’m on the phone straight away, generating ideas with the lovely Loren Eley (account director) and Jemma King (project manager) from Bauer. The ideas are fantastic and are set to really showcase the client’s brand.

I brief our freelance producer on some complex copy that needs creating. Don’t you love it when you work with people that just “get it”?  That is one of my favourite things about Bauer – quality people.
Some 67 emails, 11 phone calls and a facetime call (so 2012) later, it’s time to start working on my shows… absolutely psyched about a new band I’m playing called Yearbook.
I get home to find my fiancée has bought me a new Xbox 360 – what an absolute hero, I cannot wait to marry her…
Get home to find out that @VirginActiveUK has started following me on Twitter…awesome!


… tweet @VirginActiveUK; work with the indescribably talented Karen Nicholson (trade marketing manager, Bauer) … take two Beroccas; pay an annoying tax bill…

Week over – roll on Monday!


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