Anorak | Pretty Pushers sells clothes for the birthing ‘climax’

Pretty Pushers sells clothes for the birthing ‘climax’

by | 11th, January 2012

“PREGNANCY involves much preperation [sic]” observes Felicity Hughes (“RAF Wife & Mother Of Two”) on the Pretty Pushers website.

For about 40 weeks, you shedule [sic] Dr’s visits, compose a birth plan, pick nursery colour schemes, and ponder baby names.

You try to plan every aspect of the journey, but then the contractions begin and often you find that the events in labour itself are far beyond your control, being thrown into the hands of the hospital, birth partener, doula, Dr or whatever your preference can feel quite the opposite to all of the planning that had taken place up until that point.

Pretty Pushers is focused on THAT POINT . . . the Climax . . .the Birth itself.

Even if this is a spoof – which we fear it isn’t – surely any jobbing celebrity mums will be kicking themselves for not having thought of it first…

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