Anorak | Lewis woman moves horse into her living room

Lewis woman moves horse into her living room

by | 12th, January 2012

TO Lewis, outer Scotland, where Stephanie Noble, 65, has moved a three-year-old horse named Grey Lady Too into her semi-detached home.

Says Stephanie Noble in the Daily Record:

“It will look strange to most people but I really had no choice. I’m living in one small bedroom upstairs. Another bedroom is full of horse equipment, another is full of horse meal and the living room is full of horse. Even the bath is full of horse mats.”


“I’ve heard that some call me a mad old woman but I don’t give a stuff. I know that all I’m doing is defending a principle.”

It’s the principle – that thing that keeps lawyers in work.

Noble then puts her decision into context:

“We didn’t win two wars by just sitting back and letting the Germans come steaming in. I won’t be shoved around. The council has told me that there is no problem with me having the pony living with me but it is not ideal.”

How many Germans sit on the Comhairle council, we can only guess at. But if the Germans do come steaming in, they will be met with Grey Lady Too’s home-made steamers – there, right on the floor, by the Channel of piss…

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