Anorak | Paul Daniels mystery finger – much confusion over which finger magician lost in accident

Paul Daniels mystery finger – much confusion over which finger magician lost in accident

by | 21st, January 2012

PAUL Daniels has made the top of his finger disappear. While making a safety device (a sled) for his circular saw he lost the top of his third finger, the ring finger, and his index finger. The ring finger is lost. Vanished. Anorak suggests looking for it behind an ear or in an audience member’s purse.

Meanwhile, controversy rages. Which finger was it, Paul?

“The saw went right through my first finger, missed my middle one almost completely and took the top of my third one. How it missed the second finger is a trick in itself. The top of the third finger is all ground up and gone.” – Daily Mail

“I’ve lost the top of my ring finger. My forefinger and my pinky were also damaged” – The Sun

“Luckily, it was just my index finger and my ring finger, which I have lost a little bit from the top. Amazingly, it never even touched my little finger, which the surgeon told me is the most important finger because it controls grip. Now, that was magic.” – Daily Express

“The blade cut off the top of his ring finger and badly damaged his forefinger and little finger“- Daily Mirror

“It’s all a bit of a mess,” he said. “I’ve lost the tops of my ring and little finger on my left hand. I may try to get a prosthetic finger” – Daily Telegraph

Daniels, 73, lost his left index finger and the tip of his ring finger in an accident with a circular saw while building props for his act. He drove himself from his Berkshire home to hospital in Henley-on-Thames, where the index finger was reattached. He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I’ve only lost the tip of one finger. It could have been a hell of a sight worse.” – BBC

As we say, anyone attending one of Paul Daniels’ upcoming shows can check behind their ears for his fingers…

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