Anorak | Rat rapes woman and steals her money

Rat rapes woman and steals her money

by | 22nd, January 2012

ELIZABETH Ndodayemzini from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, says she awoke to find a rat having sex with her.

“I try to push whoever will be having sex with me and try to grab him and all I see is a rat on top of the bed…It does not run away like ordinary rats, just looks at me and the next thing it would go under the pillow shivering in a strange manner.”

The raping rat then behaved strangely? Not long after, the rat stole money form her bank account. It is – as it mut be – a love rat.

“I have tried to kill it a number of times. I even asked some guys I share a flat with if the same things happened to them, but they said they have not had an encounter with a rat. My money from the house just disappears and at times even from my bank account. I wonder what’s really happening to me and I need someone to help me.”

She adds:

 “I have been to ever corner seeking help, but nothing has come up.”

CCTV might not catch the rat, but it would earn her a small fortune in a niche video outlets…

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