Anorak | Daily Mail misread the data – more people are in favour of gay marriage

Daily Mail misread the data – more people are in favour of gay marriage

by | 26th, January 2012

WHEN the Daily Mail reported back in September 2011 that “Most Britons still oppose gay marriage”, we read on.

The article by “STEVE DOUGHTY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT” – (more on him here) stated:

“Most people still oppose gay marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples, a Government report revealed yesterday”

More than half believe homosexual marriages should not be allowed and two thirds think the adoption of children by same-sex couples should not have become legal nine years ago. The findings from the Office for National Statistics suggest the Coalition’s plans to upgrade civil partnership laws to let gay couples describe themselves as married may prove unpopular.

That article remains in place online. But beneath it – well below the headline at the foot of the story – you can read:

Further to this article, we have been asked to make clear that while the ONS report did show that only a minority of Britons are in support of gay marriage, the more detailed statistics from the EU poll on which it was based suggest that the percentages for and against are about the same – 46% and 45% respectively – with a further 9% who ‘don’t know’. We are happy to clarify the position.

Journalists are notoriously bad at maths – but 46% is bigger than 45% in anyone’s book – expect the Mail’s…

Spotter: Tom Royal

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