Anorak | Anti-racist QPR lose to cheating Chelsea – photos

Anti-racist QPR lose to cheating Chelsea – photos

by | 28th, January 2012

WAS it sensible for the FA to call off the pre-match shaking of hands when Anton Ferdinand’s QPR played John Terry’s Chelsea in the FA Cup? After the alleged racism – Terry is accused of racially abusing Ferdinand – and the nastiness, we’d say yes. The players shaking hands is a nicity the game can do without. It’s yet another modern contrivance with the aim of sanitising football and turning grounds into soulless places for TV extras. Good that the FA banned it this time. Now ban it completely.

Football is about the match.

If the crowd booing John Terry wants to focus on a villain, it should consider Dean Sturridge, who slipped on a hitherto unspotted dangerous patch of ice to win Chelsea a penalty that led to the game’s only goal. What’s the biggest threat to the beautiful game: cheating or racism?

And what of the fans: why did QPR fans boo John Terry and wonder if he takes it up the arse? Is it because they are anti-racists keen to make a stand and showcase their righteousness? Did Liverpool fans boo Manchester United’s Patrice Evra because they are racists? No and no. We heard no monkey grunting. No-one chuck bananas at the black players. It’s not the 1980s. Things have moved on. There is no evidence that QPR fans are less prejudiced than fans of other clubs – see the ludicrous question about Terry’s sexual preferences. To call QPR angels is no more valid an argument that calling Chelsea a club for cheats.

No player at either the Liverpool-United or QPR-Chelsea match was treated unequally because of his colour. Evra was not booed because he’s black. Anfield is no more a hostile place for visiting black players than it is for their white teammates. Racism is about inequality. All we see is prejudice, chants designed to be offensive and passion. It’s just part of watching and enjoying the football. The fans get it. The governments and academics wants to change it. Let’s not let them…


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Police presence ahead of the FA Cup, Fourth Round match at Loftus Road, London.

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