Anorak | Climate change creates more child rape

Climate change creates more child rape

by | 29th, January 2012

GLOBAL warming, or climate change, has been held responsible for many ills of now and the future. But did you know that climate change creates more child abusers and child rapists? Well, says it does.

Cambodia, an exotic land filled with bright colors, city lights and ancient temples is a popular vacation spot. A remarkable country with exquisite culture holds one of the darkest secrets alive today. Very much a real and disturbing reality; we come to unfold this problem and discuss the problems of the sex trade in this area. In fact, children as young as 5 are being sold as slaves in exchange for sex. A problem that has been around for a while is being made worse by the problems caused by climate change.

Does it follow that if you don’t reduce your carbon emissions you are enabling paedophilia.

Spotter: Tim Blair 

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