Anorak | Catholic school suspends boys for Michael Jackson crotch-grab

Catholic school suspends boys for Michael Jackson crotch-grab

by | 6th, February 2012

LENNY Boberg, 9, has been suspended from St. Stanislaus Elementary School, Winona, Minnesota, for grabbing his crotch during his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean at a school lip-sync fundraiser.

Pat Bowlin said Boberg’s routine was gross misconduct and that Lenny was suspended.

Lenny’s mum, Mindy Boberg, said the Winona Area Catholic Schools’ Parent-Teacher-Partnership had approved her son’s performance at the rehearsal. She says it’s doubly unfair because “some students at the fundraiser performed acts wearing boxer underwear and others shook their ‘tail feathers'”.

Bowling is not bothered. She sends an email to WACS faculty:

“Thank you/ apology.

On behalf of the Winona Area Catholic Schools, I would like to thank all the students, teachers, parents, and friends of our school for your support of our Lip Sync contest. So many people worked incredibly hard to make it a great event. We did have one act that was clearly inappropriate. I want to extend my apology for that situation.”

Helpfully, some caring parent videoed Lenny’s show and put it on the web. Now we can judge the Winona Area Catholic Schools’ Parent-Teacher-Partnership and see a nine-yeat-old grabbing his crotch as he pretends to be a man who was most definitely not a paedo – and how many singers can you say that about?

YouTube link.


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