Anorak | Police find stolen TV was too wide for window under victim’s bed

Police find stolen TV was too wide for window under victim’s bed

by | 7th, February 2012

TO Paignton, Devon, where a middle-aged woman is bewailing the theft of her 52 inch flatscreen TV. The victim tells police the telly has been taken through her lounge window. And that’s magic, because the telly is wider than the window.

The police return to the crime scene and armed with a search warrant and found the television under an upstairs bed.

Says Det Insp Nick Wilden, of Torbay police:

“When we looked into this allegation we discovered the window was smaller than the TV. We sent two detectives back to see her and the TV was found upstairs hidden under the bed. She was issued with an £80 fixed-penalty fine for wasting police time. She was lucky. She was a woman in her 40s, of previous good character and that’s why she wasn’t arrested for perverting the course of justice.”

Her age is relevant? Was her skin colour equally important?

“When you report a burglary you sign a declaration to confirm that a crime has happened. We do have a small proportion of crimes that are fraudulently reported — whether to get a crisis loan from the council or to fake an insurance claim. We will take it very seriously because it ties up valuable resources and wastes police time.”

So valuable is police time that an officer talking to media, about a woman who hid a telly under the bed, is not possibly wasting it…

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