Anorak | How do you know if Kim Jong-Un’s dead?

How do you know if Kim Jong-Un’s dead?

by | 10th, February 2012

WAS Kim Jong Un murdered this morning? Chinese Twitter Weibo says yes, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was murdered today at the North Korean embassy in Beijing. Sources say: “North Korean leader [Kim Jong-Un was killed] in Beijing in February 10 2012, at 2 o’clock and 45 minutes. Unknown persons broke into his residence shot and were subsequently shot and killed by the bodyguard.”

That bodyguard is now beefing up on lard and pies to replce Kim Jong-In. Soon, rumours will be undone by pictures of Kim Jong-Un pointing at things in North Korea’s people processing plants.

Korea JoongAng Daily has news:

Kim Jong-un is already showing a different public personality than that of his father. While Kim Jong-il maintained a distance from the public, wearing sunglasses and rarely having physical contact with the public, the young successor doesn’t hesitate to act friendly and intimately with the people. That is the kind of behavior associated with his grandfather, Kim Il Sung. In a documentary aired recently by the North’s Korean Central Television, Kim Jong-un’s broad smiles and bold gestures were shown. He whispered in the ears of other soldiers and held the hand of a wife of a military leader. During a visit to an Air Force unit on Jan. 20, he hugged soldiers. When he visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School on Jan. 25, Kim touched the faces of students and tasted soy sauce.

Blessed are the soy sauce tasters.

Other reports say the 28 years old may be on the run. Or given his love of spicy chicken wings, the runs…


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